Bitta Veres


My name is Brigi, – pronounced with /g/ as in garden or grapes or begin – or you can call me Bitta. They are short for Brigitta, I listen to both.

I’m a portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer.

For the lovers of brevity and those with a shorter attention span (wink, wink) here’s my professional Instagram account and this is my personal profileYou’re welcome (wink, wink). 

When I start typing – well, basically I don’t stop. So, for everyone else, here we go.

You can talk to me in three languages – English, Italian and Hungarian – and I’ll respond accordingly.

I fell in love with photographs – rather than with photography – when I was a little kid in a small village back on the Continent. My grandparents had this big tin box that they used to keep in one of the cabinets in their living room. It was full of old photographs – mostly black and white, but some in colour – from their youth and my parents’ early years. Every time they allowed me to open the box I would spend hours and hours looking at the photos one by one, asking questions, listening to the same stories again and again and again. It was so special and I got so excited. I absolutely loved it. Each time it was like opening a box full of treasures.

Though my interest never really faded away, my love for photography – as an art form to preserve memories – came later, after I finished high school and was about to start university. I still remember when I finally bought my first amateur camera, it felt like the most special thing I had ever done for myself. 11 years down the line and quite a few cameras later it never got any less special. In fact, I am still eternally grateful for that first little bridge camera that captured so many important memories, family occasions, vacations with friends, so much love and so many seemingly everyday and mundane moments with my aforementioned and beloved grandparents – moments that can never be repeated.

I always was the creative type, I tried my hand at many different arts and crafts. I still do. It keeps my spirit going and teaches me new ways to look at things. But there is this one thing that I only ever really found in photography: chemistry. I believe that my camera and I have that. My favourite thing about photography, however, is the connection with other humans and their memories, the stories that they tell me, the moments that they let me witness and capture, from the seemingly most mundane all the way to the most exciting special and unique occasions.

I value the most: honesty, intimacy, beauty, and depth.

Oh, and I have a thing for the ’80s.

Enough about me. Your turn. I’d love to learn more about you. Let’s be friends.