Bitta Veres

Intimate Elopement at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London | with Jess and Sam

The year was 2020. And we took photos through plexiglass and for the sake of the picture we removed the hideous looking tube of disinfectant wipes and we wore masks. But the celebrant was funny and made us all laugh, and although we were not supposed to touch anything, friendship was so physically present in the room. Most importantly there was love. And there was laughter and hope and happiness. We FaceTimed Jessica’s family in California after the ceremony; it was 8 o’clock in the morning their time but they were all dressed up, tux and all. It was windy and slightly rainy, and my portable bluetooth speaker failed on us, but we played music from our phones and danced on the streets. The year was 2020. And this is what Jess, Sam, Debs and Ben look like through the plexiglass, smiling at me.

And this is what small, intimate, and just-as-joyful-as-ever wedding ceremonies look like.