Bitta Veres

Pre-Wedding Session in Covent Garden | Your Relationship with Your Wedding Photographer | Rufina and Emil

These two kind souls are getting hitched tomorrow and because our pre-wedding session in Covent Garden was pretty “last minute” with them, releasing this blog post is also pretty last minute. This is a great occasion though for us to wish them all the happiness in the world. Rufina and Emil are two wonderful and genuinely really kind humans and this comes across in these images so well. As for the aesthetics we were absolutely going for that 80s’ vibe and Kodak look. Just love how these turned out.

We discussed why engagement shoots are so amazing and lovely to have in our previous post, we haven’t mentioned one of the obvious reasons though i.e. great practice prior to having your wedding portraits taken on your wedding day. Getting to know your photographer is important and for your photographer to spend time with you, getting to know the story of your love, your personalities, your preferences is gold. For the genre of photography that we create in, we basically find it crucial for you to have time to consider us your friends. Creating a safe space and bonding is a wonderful thing to have. This safe space and this intimacy is the thing that allows us to capture the real you, and to capture the holistic beauty of your story and of your wedding day.

Your wedding photographer is with you in most cases throughout the entire day. Not to mention that after your wedding day only two things will stay with you for sure: your marriage, and the faces, emotions, movements and sparkles that your photographer captured.

It’s not just true for weddings of course. The same applies to couple sessions, pre-wedding shoots, and a lot of different sub-genres of photography.

For now though, let us celebrate Rufina and Emil, wishing them every blessing in the world! Happy wedding day, guys!