Bitta Veres

Newborn Session at Home | with Lala

Meet Lala.

Our improvised quick newborn session took place back in March, right before Lockdown I. 2020. I was visiting family and spent some of my time in Budapest with my sister, brother-in-law and baby Lala. He was only about 2.5 weeks old.

Newborn sessions at home are the cosiest thing you can imagine. Like with most family sessions involving tiny humans, they don’t always go to plan. In fact we had less than half an hour to take these photos, the entire family will treasure them forever though.

As you will find out from the images in a few seconds, Lala (short for Lajos, Lali, Lalko) – or as I like to call him, Babszi – was quite an intense newborn. He was very well behaved, no crying, no screaming, but he was pretty strict, rather serious and most of the time his eyes filled with suspicion. Whether that was meant for just 2020 and the quickly approaching Lockdown or his new found fascination with the fact that someone (me) has an uncanny resemblance to his Mom, yet not quite like her – we will never know. I will always wonder though. I always wonder what they might be thinking when they first enter the world and see everything for the very first time.


Hi is still a baby, but no longer a newborn. Look how big he got by July when I came to visit for the second time. He is wonderful!